The Best Free Hookup Sites Guide For 2021

It may seem that all singles are crazy about finding a relationship, but surprisingly, more than half of them are looking for platforms of a particular kind – hookup sites. Why? They want to have a one night stand with a hot lady or a guy and that's where free hookup sites come in handy.

Updated for May 2021
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Real Free Hookup Sites That Work In 2021

There are tons of casual hookup sites and lots of them cannot brag about their services or user success rate. We at don't want you to rely on word of mouth and app ratings. Instead, we provide you with the list of the best hookup sites that were carefully reviewed by the team of our best experts.

Take a look at our top picks and enjoy sex with real people tonight.

So What Are Hookup Sites?

sweet sexy girl

Hookup websites, unlike adult dating sites, work only with people who do not want to have a serious relationship with someone they meet online. As the name suggests, men and women who create accounts on such platforms look for hookups, one-night stands, and affairs, no strings attached.

Members can be in a committed relationship or single, mature, and young – the only thing that is supposed to connect them all is the desire to have fun with similar-minded people. On hookup platforms, you do not need to hide your real intentions and lie about your expectations – the very concept of hookup culture is that you can always find a hot partner in your area just for one night, and no one will blame you for this.

Types Of Hookup Websites

girl you can find on hookup sites

Some people think that there are only two types of hookup websites: platforms for gay members and for straight men and women. Well, it is not true. If you have ever tried to Google something like “hookup sites free” or “find a real hookup,” you probably noticed that the number of options seems endless. Yes, today, we have the widest variety of niche websites ever, and it is even difficult to categorize them. But, there are some popular categories, and we listed them below.

  1. MILF hookup sites. Surprisingly, places, where you can meet a real hot MILF, is the number 1 thing on our list. The reason is simple – such platforms are incredibly popular nowadays. Some experts even claim that hook up with a MILF is one of the most common sexual fantasies.
  2. Adult Webcam sites. Webcam shows are great, but they are even better if a user can meet a lady or a guy he sees on the screen in real life!
  3. Gay hookup sites. Though most hookup platforms accept members who are looking for same-sex partners, it may be pretty difficult for a guy to find a man or a couple on a regular hookup site – there are too many straight people there. That is why they prefer to join niche gay websites and believe us; they have much to offer to the new members.
  4. BDSM hookup sites. If you like rough sex, dominant or submissive role, you can join a BDSM hookup site. Such a solution has a lot of advantages, and the most important of them is that you can narrow “the target audience” and communicate only with similar-minded people.
  5. Young hookup sites. There are a lot of young hetero and gay young hookups services to join. There, you can meet lots of people who look like teens. Paradoxically, they are a bit less popular than MILF top hookup platforms, but still, the number of members on such platforms can be truly overwhelming.
  6. Senior hookup sites. Here where mature members and people who are looking for mature partners meet.

Of course, these are not all existing categories – they are just the most common ones.

What Our Users Say About

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Bob B.

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Before I have visited I thought that the hookup industry is a complete scam. After chatting with experts from I have decided to give the last chance to sex sites and I did not regret it. They have sent me a list of completely free hookup sites that matched my personal criteria and it completely changed my mind about adult dating at all. On the 3rd day surfing these sex sites I have found a girl that I really like, we are chatting till these days.

Free Hookup Sites Vs Paid Hookup Sites

So, what platforms are better, free hookup sites or top hookup sites that accept only paying members? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. It can be especially difficult to choose between these two options if you are a newbie, and the only way to make the right decision is to consider all the pros and cons.

To Help you navigate in the world of hook ups we have created a table describing pros and cons of free and paid platforms:

CriteriaFree PlatformPaid Platform
Hookup RateIt can be a really hard quest to find a real hook up thereMembers of paid hookup sites are more motivated as they know for what purposes they are paying so hookup rate is much higher there
Amount of AdsTons of distracting adsNo ads
Messaging OptionsIn most cases you are very limited in messagingUnlimited messaging options
AudienceBig amount of bots and scammersAnti-fraud System prevents invasion of bots and scammers
FeaturesNo special features in free access availableAdvanced Matchmaking systems, Detailed Profile creators and more features are available
Safety OptionsMost of free platforms don't even have SSL Certificate so your personal data is not protectedPaid Sites have Excellent Safety Options, SSl Certificates and They are not sharing your personal data to third parties
Customer ServiceMay answer up to 2-5 daysPriority service

As you can see, each option has its own pros and cons so we have prepared a more detailed description below.

Free hookup sites

Of course, casual dating sites everyone can use are the best option for newbies and those who cannot afford premium membership. The biggest advantage of such platforms is that you can see what is really going on such websites, use some most common features, learn how to hook up, test various pick up techniques, etc.

However, you also need to consider that free sites can be more dangerous than paid ones. On such platforms, there is no guarantee that you are not talking to a bot to a fraud. More importantly, you never know if your new friend is even an adult – on most free hookup sites, there are no advanced features like video chat or phone calls. But there are a lot of ads.

Still, no one can stop you from trying your luck. If such an approach does not work for you, consider joining a premium hookup website.

Paid hookup sites

Simply put, the VIP membership on one of the paid websites allows you to get rid of all disadvantages of free platforms that we listed above. You get access to all the premium features, you can use them as often as you want, you know for sure that the profiles are checked by moderators, you can enjoy the ad-free experience, and you can not worry about your privacy and safety.

As for the prices, every site sets its own costs. We believe that the prices must be reasonable. No, it does not mean we never choose high-end hookup sites. But we choose them only if they provide the best services and are worth every penny their members spend on the opportunity to meet someone hot in their areas.

What Can Best Hookup Websites Give To You?

So, let us list all the most important benefits of choosing the top hookup sites:

  • Similar minded people. It is hard to meet a pretty woman in a local bar or in the office who would want to have sex with you but would not expect you to be serious about this. Well, you can meet such ladies and guys on hookup websites.
  • Real hot men and women. Online communication is often communication with fakes. On good sites, you meet real people online to meet them in real life.
  • An opportunity not to hide your intentions. It is pretty exhausting to pretend to be someone else. Here, you do not have to do it.
  • Lots of ways to keep in touch. There are lots of ways to contact someone and stay in touch, from “winks” to video chat.
  • Best search algorithms. Narrowing the search to your perfect partner is an amazing opportunity that saves a lot of time.
  • Privacy. On the best hookup sites, you know that your personal data is completely safe.

How To Pick The Best Hookup Sex Platform?

Choosing one of the lots of options is a complicated task. Fortunately, there is an easy way to choose the best hookup site. Just follow the tips below, and you will be able to get started today!

  1. Choose the category of sites you like most.
  2. Check out rankings prepared by our experts.
  3. Choose the sites that piqued your curiosity.
  4. Analyze some users' reviews before signing up, this can help you understand whether the platform suits your needs or no. Reddit is a good source of honest reviews written by real people.
  5. Read the reviews on, learn everything about the sites’ pros & cons.
  6. Choose the option that seems the best one for you.
  7. Browse the site, create your personal account.
  8. Choose the membership plan and start to contact other members.
  9. Have fun!

Yes, it is this easy with

Main Tips For New Hookup Sites Users

find her at online hookup sites

Of course, this world lives by its own rules. You do not have to do anything complicated or extraordinary to play this game, but here are some tips that will help you get the best hook up experience. Here are the most effective of them:

  1. Choose a creative username. It will pique other members’ curiosity and allow you to use the site anonymously. “SexBoss1337” isn’t very creative though 😌.
  2. Choose the best profile pics. People do not text back if you have an empty profile.
  3. Be polite and use the information others provide in their profiles. The info about one’s interests and preferences, including sexual, will help to establish the first contact with a member you liked.
  4. Do not send nudes in your first message. Just try to have a conversation first, remember that you can always do it later 😏.
  5. Keep in touch with people you like most.
  6. Do not share your real contact details. Sharing your phone number may cause problems, especially if you are married.
  7. Invite members to video chat before you finally meet in person. It is about safety, and it also allows you to avoid disappointments.

As you can see, it is no rocket science, but these simple things can really help you to avoid plenty of problems and enjoy the time you spend on hookup sites to the fullest.

How Do We Rate And Review Hookup Websites

As we noted before, there are hundreds of paid and free hookup sites. Unfortunately, not all of them are good enough to use them: some are too expensive, some are too suspicious, some have too few members in certain areas, etc. Our goal is to choose the best hookup sites that are worth your time and often money. It seems that it is the easiest task ever – you join the site, use it, draw conclusions, and share them. However, it is not this simple. We consider dozens of different criteria when creating the ranking.

For example, we believe that registration should be free of charge. No one should pay for a pig in a poke. Moreover, it is also supposed to be quick and easy. This is one criterion, and the site gets an A, B, C, or D for it. Then we move to the services. Is there a text chat? Can a member sext on the site without exchanging contact details with another user? Are there any special features like virtual gifts or forum threads? The site gets the mark for these things, too. The search algorithm allows finding the best matches, and that is why we pay much attention to it. Are there basic & extended searches? Can one apply a lot of useful filters? How accurate are the results? We always find answers to these questions and decide if the search algorithm is good enough to find the best matches.

In other words, we always have work to do (a lot of work, actually). Of course, we do not evaluate random criteria in random order – we have a certain strategy and the list of more and less important things to consider. Every site we review gets points for all criteria, and we use certain coefficients for each of them to rank the platforms and make the list of best and worst hookup platforms. So, let us take a look at the most important criteria in our strategy in more detail – this can help you understand how we work or choose the right site yourself.

We pay attention to safety and security

Of course, safety is a high priority, especially when it comes to hookup websites and Best WebCam Sites. Adding the suspicious site that does not pay any attention to the privacy of the users is our worst nightmare, and that is why we always check if the site falls under the category of safe platforms. We always make sure that the platform cares about every member’s privacy and safety by paying attention to the following criteria:

  • The reputation of the site, the background, its real address;
  • Anti-scam protection, anti-viruses, work of moderators;
  • Privacy policy, situations when the site can disclose members’ data;
  • Financial security, data encryption system.

Yes, we are one of those people who read dozens of pages of fine print. We pay a lot of attention to everything related to members’ safety because we know that data leaks on such sites can ruin families and lead to huge losses. That is why we choose the best hookup sites that really make every effort to protect users.

We check a variety of sexy girls’ and boys’ profiles

We always make sure that the absolute majority of profiles are real. Why join a community of fakes? Why waste your time talking to someone who pretends to be another person? We always check if accounts belong to real people. Moreover, we also check if all profiles are detailed. Details that members provide are crucially important, too. A perfect site is a site on which you can click on a profile pic and see all the info about a member you need, from his sexual preferences to location and marital status.

We make our own deposits

There are some great free sex hookup sites, and we always include them to our rankings if they really deserve this, but frankly, the best platforms are the premium platforms. As you know, premium membership costs money, and we do not mind spending it to have an opportunity to test all the best features.

In most cases, we just cannot understand if it is a really good site without upgrading to Premium, but after we do it, we have full access even to the most sophisticated features. Of course, we contact people and use all the communication services, from winks and ‘Say Hi’ features to video chat. Besides, upgrading membership allows us not only to test the services provided by a hookup website but also to understand if there are any hidden costs and how much a member will really spend there.

We analyze real users reviews & customer service

Why do most sites care about their reputation this much? Everything is simple: every business owner knows that reputation can make their site, store, product, whatever, incredibly popular, or ruin everything. Nothing is more important than customers’ opinions, and that is why we look for all the available reviews written about the site we analyze. Moreover, we do everything possible that reviews are written on by real people. Their feedback allows us not only to understand what the general level of trust is but also to indicate all the weakest points and the site’s major advantages.

Our experts also check if the customer support service is good enough. If you cannot call/text/email them or if you have to wait for the response for weeks, the site is not worth joining. We usually make calls, fill in the forms on the site and send emails, and wait for the response. If we are waiting for too long, we will hardly include the site to our lists of the top-ranked premium platforms and the best free hookup sites.

We test the site on all types of devices

We believe that in 2021, a good website must work smoothly on all types of devices: on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, good old Blackberry, laptops, and personal computers. That is why we developed our own step-by-step checking strategy. Firstly, we use the site on PC and laptops. Usually, we do not face any problems with that. Then, we browse the site on all the smartphones and tablets – at this stage, bad sites reveal their true colors. After we check mobile hookup platforms, we look for official apps. It is optional for a site to have it, but it always gives a platform a huge advantage over the competitors.

Is it True That Hookups are Organized Around Giving Guys Pleasure More Than Women?

On most hookup sites, men outnumber women. However, it doesn’t mean that hookups benefit only men. In fact, ladies report about the same level of enjoyment as men. As for orgasms, the situation is slightly different. According to recent surveys, the orgasm rate for men is 44%, while the orgasm rate for women is 19%. The interesting fact that this rate increases for both females and males based on the number of hookups they have. For example, for ladies, it’s about 11% for the first hookup, 16% for the second hookup, and 33% for fourth and next hookups.

In fact, this type of dating is something you should get used to. And again, women who keep looking for partners on hookup platforms report that they like such relationships more after they meet at least a few partners in part because they get rid of fears and hesitation. It is true that it is a bit harder for a woman to take this step and start looking for a hookup partner because such dating behavior is stigmatized. Still, society is changing, and now, casual relationships are more socially accepted, and this trend is continuing, so the number of female members on hookup sites is constantly growing.


How can help me with websites to hook up?

On, you can find the rankings of the best websites that were carefully reviewed by our best experts. We consider all the criteria from prices to features and quality of support services and draw our own conclusions based on the honest results and nothing but them. We review as the most popular, as the new and/or fast-growing platforms – we do not want to miss any option. Simply put, we are an aggregator and review you can trust.

What is the difference between dating sites and hookup sites?

The difference between them is in target audiences. Simply put, regular dating websites connect people who want to find a soulmate, relationships, or friendship. At online sex sites, people do not hide their intentions – they are looking for affairs, want to have one-night stands and hookups. Some of them also enjoy sexting, exchanging photos and videos, etc. So, though such platforms often provide similar services, they work in different niches.

👮‍♂️ Are there any real legit hookup sites?

Yes, there are plenty of hookup sites that work. The trick is to find them and not to confuse them with sites that just look good enough. The easiest way to get access to the list of all trusted platforms is to check out the rankings on As we noted before, we carefully review each of the sites and add only the best options to our lists.

🔑 How safe are hookup sites?

Generally speaking, it depends on a wide variety of factors, from the website you choose the information you share with strangers on the web. Still, let us consider only the importance of choosing the right site – you need to make sure that you are going to join one of the legit hookup sites that care about your privacy and safety. You can find such trustworthy platforms on this website and pick any of the options – we have already checked them all.

💾 How can I protect my personal data on these websites?

There are a few simple rules you need to follow to protect your personal data when using adult hookup sites. Firstly, do not share your contact details like a phone number or especially address unless you have already met each other in real life and know each other for a long time. Do not disclose your login, password, and financial information. You can also use a good VPN to protect your privacy if you want to.

How well do Hookup Sites Work?

In general, it depends on the site you choose. We are sure about one thing – all the platforms on our list of hookup sites work. Moreover, we are sure that these venues work perfectly just because we have already analyzed all their features. Still, they will work only if you have the right dating & communication strategy, and you may need some time to develop it.

🙈 Can I set my profile to invisible mode?

Considering the reasons why people use hookups, the invisible mode becomes even a more important feature. Fortunately, on most trusted hookup sites, you can set your profile to invisible mode without any difficulty. Usually, you can do this in your profile settings.

🔍 My favorite hookup site is not available at rankings, can you check it?

If you cannot find your favorite hookup app here, please, feel free to contact us, and we will analyze it in detail and write our unbiased review. If it is good enough, we will also include it to the list of the best hookup websites.

🤔 Are Hookup Sex Communities Real?

Yes, absolutely. All similar-minded people create communities online, and users who are looking for hookups, no strings attached, and affairs are not an exception to this rule. You’d be surprised to know how many people appreciate the opportunity to share thoughts, meet new people, have fun, have sex without fear of being judged or stigmatized.

Fling, AdultFriendFinder, and AshleyMadison have the largest hookup sex communities. Contrary to popular belief, sex and hookups are not the only topics that are discussed by the members—a lot of platforms let users comment on each other’s post, join chat rooms, create new forum posts about anything, so yes, there are such communities, and we believe that’s fantastic.

🧡 I Fell in Love With My Hookup Partner, How Can I Make Hookup Relationships Serious?

Well, it happens. You are not the first one who falls in love with someone who was supposed to be just a sex partner. First, remind yourself that in such cases, two people make a decision. A lot depends on your hookup partner.

Who knows, maybe your partner doesn’t mind starting a relationship with you, too, even despite you had an agreement, according to which you only have sex. The thing is it’s the only way to find out if he or she likes you too is to ask your partner if he/she wants to take your relationship to the next level. However, there is also a possibility that your partner will say no. In this case, even your casual relationship is likely to end because both of you will feel uncomfortable. So, is it worth it? It is up to you. Remember that you have a right to tell your partner about your feelings, but you should also be ready to face the consequences.