What is is a reliable resource in the world of online hookups and affairs that is always at your service. Over the years, the number of online dating and sex sites has enormously increased, so it is very difficult for a general user to identify, which platform is good, and which is not. Unfortunately, many sites have earned a bad reputation. Some of them abused the rights, others used visitors’ data for personal gain.

Luckily for you, we’ve created, especially for this reason. We expose such sites that carry a hidden threat and then give you detailed information about them.

Our Mission

We consider it our most important task to help you find opportunities for a real safe hookup. Your safety and satisfaction are in the first place. Especially for you, we check dating sites for reliability and ease of use.

On the pages of, you can find a list of the most trusted adult dating websites. Here you’ll get acquainted with their descriptions, our estimate of their features, and final verdict. Each of them has been carefully reviewed by our experts.

How We Can Help You?

The team of has prepared a branched and easy-to-understand list of adult dating websites, that will help everyone find something they like. This list will give you a basic understanding of how the adult dating industry works.

Here you can find:

  • The list of the best and the most trusted Hookup Websites
  • The list of gender and age specified Sex Dating Websites (Gay Hookup, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender, Milf sites)
  • The list of the Best Webcam Sites with hot private shows and Cam Models
  • Professional dating & sex tips
  • And much more!

How Do We Review?

We find the process of making a review on each casual dating website very important and relevant. More and more users suffer from various scam sites, so we want to protect you from making a mistake in the choice.

Our reviews can be surely determined as independent because we do not cooperate with any dating sites. An honest assessment is our main goal.

First of all, our marketing manager does comprehensive market research. He scrupulously examines websites, comparing them in numerous points: prevalence in the network, audience, main features, subscriptions, prices, and so on.

After the research is completed, we pass to ranking. Relying on the research, we select websites, which are considered popular among simple users and dating experts. In addition to the opinions, we take into account our own experience and impression of using the site.

Finally, we proceed with our standard review procedure. It consists of several steps. According to them, we check:

  1. Safety and Security options (We examine the site’s security policy and subtleties in payment.)
  2. Variety of Girls and Boys Profiles (We determine the number of men and women visiting the site, also their orientation and age.)
  3. Features (We pay for all features on the website to understand how good they work.)
  4. Customer support (We analyze reviews of real users and how good is customer support of the dating website.)
  5. Ease of use from different devices (We test user interface on all types of devices.)

Only after the procedure is done, we can finish the list organization and share the results of our work with you. Ultimately, you can view our completed ranking.

But still, if you couldn’t find your favorite dating website at our list, you can send its URL to us. We’ll do our best to make a review of it as fast as it is possible.