Best Gay Hookup Sites 2021

Demand generates supply. Well, obviously, there is a huge demand for gay hookup s – the number of sites in this niche is rapidly growing. Unfortunately, not all of them are worth your trust, time, and money.

There are two types of scenarios a gay looking for hot guys online may face. You can find a website with lots of real profiles and great features, or you can join the scam site with fake accounts and lots of frauds. The goal of the team of is to help you avoid the worst-case scenario by picking any of the sites in our list of trusted and most popular gay hookup sites.

Real Gay Hookup Sites That Work In 2021

Updated for September 2021
SiteDescriptionRatingAgeGender ratio
Best for local gay hookups
Our Score
Recommended Age
21 - 70
Gender Ratio
93% / 7%
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Easy search for partners for gay sex hookups and casual dates.
Our Score
Recommended Age
21 - 50
Gender Ratio
90% / 10%
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A unique place for finding discreet gay hookup.
Our Score
Recommended Age
21 - 60
Gender Ratio
88% / 12%
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Free heaven for all guys with non-traditional orientation.
Our Score
Recommended Age
25 - 55
Gender Ratio
95% / 5%
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Plunge into local hookups with handsome gays and bisexuals.
Our Score
Recommended Age
25 - 55
Gender Ratio
87% / 13%
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Freedom of mind and choice is guaranteed.
Our Score
Recommended Age
26 - 45
Gender Ratio
85% / 15%
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Hot amateur models for any taste. Come and check them!
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Recommended Age
25 - 66
Gender Ratio
89% / 11%
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So What Are Gay Hookup Sites?

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Gay hookup s sites are the dating platforms that connect gay men who are not looking for commitment, serious relationship, love, and marriage. They connect guys who are looking for short-term affairs, one-night-stands, and hookups. In fact, they provide services that are very similar to services provided by regular dating sites – on such platforms, you can enjoy a conversation in video chat and text chat, exchange virtual and real gifts, use search to find the best matches, etc.

The main difference between regular sites and gay hookup websites is in the target audience – hookup platforms have members who know exactly what they want, and this has nothing to do with serious relationships.

Types Of Gay Sex Hookup Sites

As we noted before, there are thousands of best hookup websites you can join. Some of them offer a premium subscription, and some provide free services, some have an app, and some don’t, some have senior members and some work with sugar daddies. Simply put, the selection of such websites is more than just wide. Still, there are the most popular categories, and we described each of them below.

Discreet gay hookup sites

The Internet and social networks brought us to a fundamentally new level of publicity. Sometimes, we do not even realize how many people have access to the data we provide and share on various sites, including dating platforms. Discreet gay sex sites are not websites that anyone can visit. They are not websites where everyone can browse other people’s profiles.

These are the platforms that connect people who have similar goals without letting others see what happens in this community. Safety and privacy are the top priorities. You do not have to worry about what your colleague or a distant relative will think after he sees your profile – you are on the discreet site, and that means that only your possible matches have access to the information you share here.

Senior gay dating sites

Love has no age and no limit. The popularity of senior gay dating sites proves that this is the truth – senior gay dating sites, platforms where older men can meet their ideal partners, get more and more members worldwide. Though such sites are initially created for mature men, there is a chance to meet a 20 or 30-year-old guy there, too. No wonder younger men often join such websites – after all, a lot of them are want to meet an experienced, wise, psychologically, and financially stable partner.

Gay bear hookup sites

If you like bears (a hairy, masculine man in the LGBT community) or if you are a bear yourself, you can find a partner on one of the top gay hookup sites created for bears and their fans. Most such platforms accept all types of bears from large and medium-build hairy guys to young bears on the way. In other words, if you are looking for a particular type of guy, there are places where you can meet thousands of hot, purely masculine men.

Teen or “young” gay hookup sites

Age is the filter you can apply to any site. It is the basic criteria most people use. If you want to meet a young queer, why not join a community of young guys? Why join the site and respond to guys who do not meet your basic criterion? There is a separate category of gay hookup sites that connect younger men with guys who are the same age or older men interested in younger partners, so this is what you are looking for, just choose the platform in this niche.

Casual gay dating sites

All dating sites can be divided into two big categories: casual dating websites and sites for people looking for serious relationships. Of course, both types of sites can be used by gay people, too. Consequently, casual gay dating sites are platforms where single or married men can meet partners for sex or for a near-sexual relationship without commitment and mutual expectations (serious relationship, family, etc.) In other words, these are the places where gay men are searching for fun and not for love.

Is it Possible To Find Gay Sex On Free Gay Hookup Sites?

In fact, everyone can see lots of sites claiming that they can help you find local and more importantly, free gay hookups without any difficulty. The target audience of such websites comprises of young men who cannot afford to pay the price for the VIP membership on Premium platforms, so it is absolutely normal that they are looking for a better option and choose the open communities. More importantly, it is possible to find someone hot there – if you do everything right, you can meet a real sex partner there.

Nevertheless, we cannot deny that free hookup sites have a lot of cons. In particular, there are tons of ads, limited functions (only basic features are available), the number of messages you can send is limited, members are not well protected, data encryption software is not so good, and the design and navigation leave much to be desired. Fortunately, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you want to join a free site, feel free to find legit websites that can be used for free in our list of the best gay hookup sites – there are very few safe options, and we found all of them.

What Can the Best Gay Hookup Sites Give You?

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As you probably guessed, we focus on gay hookup sites, select the best ones, and rank them. But why does one need to join them? What can they give a single man looking for a partner or for a guy who is in a committed relationship but wants to have an exciting adventure with someone hot?

In general, there are a lot of great things good gay hookup sites can give you, and we listed the most important of them below.

  1. Free & fast registration. We choose sites with free and fast sign up – it is the first step some guys take, and it should be simple. You do not need to make efforts to meet similar-minded people, and that is the great news.
  2. Real profiles. A good dating site is a site on which the absolute majority of profiles were created by real men. Teams of such platforms usually work hard to create safe, spam-free, and scam-free communities of real, similar-minded people.
  3. Access to all important information about a match. We usually know nothing about hot guys we meet on the beach or in the bar, etc. On great niche sites, we can see all the info we need to 1) understand if he is a really good match; 2) start a conversation without much difficulty.
  4. Various services that help to make contacts and conversations. Phone calls, video calls, texting, sexting, forum threads, comments, all these things make online communication more and more interesting. A good gay hookup website has them all or at least provides most of the above-mentioned services.
  5. Best search algorithms. Basic, as well as advanced search, is an indispensable tool for finding the ideal partners who meet all your criteria and expectations. On good sites, algorithms are fast and effective.
  6. Safe gay hookup sites. We have already mentioned that there are discreet gay sites. To some extent, all such websites are discreet – a guy who joins one of the great niche sites knows that the site protects his privacy and his data.
  7. Professional assistance. This is the last but not the least thing on the list. When you join a certain community, you can reach the support team at any time and get a response immediately or in a few hours.

Main Tips To Have Safe Gay Hookup

Find him on gay hookup sites

How to get the best experience on such sites? Here are the best tips to follow:

  1. Choose a trusted website. Otherwise, you will hardly succeed.
  2. Pick a creative username. You will not use your real name, right? Choose a creative name that will attract or intrigue other members.
  3. Upload pictures. If your profile is empty, you will hardly become popular. Moreover, most members will not text you back.
  4. Be nice to other members. Politeness is priceless, even on a hookup site.
  5. Do not send nude instead of a “greeting message.” Though these are the niche sites, try to offer something more than just nudes.
  6. Stay in touch with your matches. We recommend meeting people you know for some time. However, you should not also forget about hot guys you would like to meet - stay in touch with the hottest matches.
  7. Do not share your contact details. Do not disclose your phone number and address, especially if you are talking for a day or two and if a guy insists on it.
  8. Do not share your financial information. Never disclose your credit card number and other financial data to anyone on the web.
  9. Use video chat or make a call before you meet in person. This is the best way to avoid disappointments.

How To Date Online Successfully - Pro Tips

The right site is essential for everyone who wants to have a hookup, and we do our best to help you make the right choice. Still, there are a few other crucially important things that can make you popular on the site. Just follow the tips below, and you will get what you want on a hookup platform.

Choose your best sexy photo for your profile

On hookup platforms, men are looking for fun and not for serious relationships, and they want their partner to meet their criteria. A very few users would respond to messages sent by a guy with an empty profile. Choose your best pictures, but be realistic – your match wants to see a real you. There is a fine line between uploading great photos that will make you popular and uploading old photos in which you look much younger, thinner, etc. If you find it, you will have hookups and no disappointments.

Make a detailed profile

Choosing good pictures is half the battle. Though members of hookup sites do not need to know everything about their possible matches, they still need some basic information to understand what kind of person a match is. Most good sites provide members with an opportunity to indicate their age, status, interests, things they expect from their partners, choose their sexual preferences, etc. We recommend you to provide this information – it allows you and your possible match to understand if you have something to offer to each other.

Be creative when starting a new conversation

Fortunately, most members of such communities do not hesitate to share the information about their interests with other registered users, so you can use it to start a new conversation. Try to be creative and write something instead, “Hi, how are you?” Think about the things you can have in common, things that can pique another person’s interests. You do not need to mention something related to sex in your first message – after all, it is about communication, too.

Have fun

Do not be too serious about things that happen on the site. Try to enjoy your conversations with new people you meet without expecting your matches to meet you this evening. The whole process is supposed to be a pleasure and not the duty you need to fulfill on your way to hookup. Relax and have fun, meet people, show that you are interested in them, and you will get what you want online or IRL without any difficulty.


⭐️ How to have gay hookup?

If you want to get started, you need to pick a good anonymous gay hookup site (feel free to choose any of the sites in our ranking, we checked them all carefully), sign up (this is a free feature), find guys you like and contact them.

⭐️ Are there any totally free gay hookup sites?

Yes, there are some totally free gay hookup sites, and the best ones can be found on our list. Still, you need to consider the fact that all the websites, including the totally free ones, offer a premium membership that provides a lot of benefits. If you want to have an ad-free experience and access to unlimited functions, you need to pick a paid site or upgrade your membership on a free platform.

⭐️ How to have gay hookup anonymously?

You do not need to reveal your identity to have a hookup. Just use a nickname instead of your real name, use VPN, do not provide your personal data like your real address, phone number, etc. Uploading a profile picture is optional on most sites, too. Hence, you can use a hookup website anonymously without any difficulty.

⭐️ How to prepare for a gay hookup?

Pay special attention to the looks and hygiene: suit up, take a shower, shave if necessary. Stay positive – do not expect too much from your one-night stand, relax, and get ready to have some fun with an interesting person, and everything will be great.

⭐️ How to hook up with a gay porn star?

It is not easy to meet a famous porn star on the web, but we do not claim this is impossible. These celebrities can be met on the best platforms in our ranking.