How to Make Her Wet? Tips that Really Work


Making a woman wet is not the easiest task to do. Guys who think that making a woman horny is all about using tongue, fingers, and more are wrong. Seducing a girl is a complex process that consists of several stages: establishing contact, getting closer both mentally and physically, and finally, foreplay. Flirt, dirty questions, romantic and horny games between you matter, too.

We are not going to lie to you and claim that all you have to do is to find the G-spot. We’re going to describe the whole process of seduction, from start to finish.

Pick Up Her First


Here is the most important thing to remember—you will not make her wet if she doesn’t like you. Hence, you need to pick up a woman first. However, it is easier than it seems, especially when we are talking about sex sites. Here are a few useful and simple tips to follow.

  1. Be confident. It is extremely important to be confident in who you are. Look into her eyes, or if it is too uncomfortable for you, look at her lips—that’s sexy. Don’t act like seduction is your main goal. Relaxed, confident men turn women on.
  2. Don’t bluff. Don’t pretend to be a different person. Women can smell your lies, so if you are a nice guy, be a nice but confident guy. If you are brutal, be brutal. Just don’t try to deceive her.
  3. Take a compliment, but don’t try too hard. If you like something about her, tell her. But don’t compliment her all the time—women think that such behavior is just annoying.
  4. Never complain. Just don’t. Even if your boss is a jerk and your ex-wife is a horrible woman, talk about positive things. Complaints are not sexy.
  5. Be direct, forget about all those excuses and questions. If you want to kiss her and she looks like she doesn’t mind, just do it. Don’t say anything before a kiss or sex or anything—just go for it.

This will make you like her. After you notice she smiles all the time and doesn’t mind you touching her hand, move on to seduction.

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How to Seduce a Woman


Use words, your hands, and your lips to seduce her and finally make her wet. How? Here are some tips.

Ask her sexy questions online

Don’t start with a dick pic or really dirty questions. Take it slow, take her slow. For example, you start with something like “Are you alone?” and then ask something, “What do you usually wear when you go to bed?” and if she is okay with it, ask something like, “Do you like it rough or gentle?” It’s a game. Play it, enjoy it, and don’t rush things. If you do everything right, she will be dreaming of you before your date, and you know what happens next.

Don’t be afraid of her body

Touch her from time to time, hug her from behind, kiss her, and then keep talking—don’t act like this is foreplay, and you are going to have sex right now. Play with her, wait, and she will undress you first.

Show her that you like and want her

Women love seeing the desire in a man’s eyes. This is one of the things that definitely makes them wet. Don’t be too pushy or direct. Flirt, hint, play with her but show her that you are dreaming of her naked in your bed.

Sex tips

So, it is happening, and you want her to enjoy it. Here are some recommendations from women themselves:

  1. Don’t be quiet—girls love guys moaning, too.
  2. Change up the speed. Changing the positions is important, but you can move faster and slower, too. Ladies love it.
  3. Look into her eyes during sex but don’t stop.
  4. Don’t forget about her clitoris. Use your hands and your tongue.
  5. Try to talk dirty, and if she likes it, keep saying all those dirty things.

Final Thoughts

Seducing a woman is more complicated than seducing a man, but it’s not rocket science. Just follow these tips, listen to yourself and to her, and you will have a really good time.